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In our classrooms we make sure our students become experts who are proficient in handling different types of administrative positions. They will be able to develop strategies for managing medical offices, as well as make use of their leadership skills and medical knowledge in a multitude of assignments and posts.

Courses Available

in addition to the courses offered by the school, students will be prepared to pass industry credential exams. Also, they will improve or develop computer literacy skills, such as understanding computers’ components and their functions.

Internship Opportunities

The Medical Office Technologies Institute will place students into a new career by offering internships after completing a course. In these internships, students will be given real-life work experience to prepare them to enter the job market.


is to provide students with high quality training programs that prepare them to meet the current needs of employers in the medical billing field. Our mission is not only to give students the textbook theory, but to make them practice those theories in real-life scenarios in the classroom

Our Goal

is to equip students to apply their knowledge and skills effectively in the healthcare industry by achieving a balance between classroom learning and hands-on practice in our own labs and/or through clinical externship programs. In structuring our education system this way, we utilize current technology to effectively support classroom instruction and expect from our students, staff, faculty and administration the highest caliber of standards


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